What is FutureShift?

It is a Foresight Masterclass - immersion into the thinking and practice of foresight - designed and presented by Dr Joseph Voros, Dr Peter Hayward and Rowena Morrow, based on their combined 40 years’ experience in teaching foresight to professionals. This is your opportunity to experience world class professional development.

  • Be the Change

    We provide a catalytic experience that will transform the way you view today's challenges, allowing you to make changes right now that will impact future outcomes through a quantum shift in your thinking ability. This Program is a supported emergence into a new way of thinking, being and acting.

  • Humble Intelligence

    We provide high quality academic and practical content that is intelligent and stimulating. The three creators of the Program have had extensive experience, widespread respect and personal success, which has led to the development of a genuinely unique Program. However, we are not "gurus" and are here to support you rather than to "teach" you.

  • Belief in Ability

    This Program will be challenging. You will need to be brave - opening yourself up to learning to "trust the process", and to be able to accept that you won't receive "answers" to the issues you are dealing with. However, you will learn how to think more broadly, to explore more deeply, to hold more complexity, and to be more comfortable taking action even in uncertainty.

  • Tough Love

    We are here to support people through their cognitive dissonance - it won't be comfortable in the short term but it will be valuable in the long run. We will be honest and caring with participants and realistic about the state of the future. We will hold both ourselves and participants equally to account.


  • Dr Peter  Hayward


    Dr Peter Hayward

    Dr Peter Hayward was technically trained in Commerce and Systems Thinking with a range of project management experiences before discovering Foresight. That foundation gave him the discipline and licence to join up Business Pragmatics with the wisdom of Human Development and System Complexity. Peter's PhD found that our capacity to thrive in complexity and volatility grows along with our vulnerability and humility.
  • Rowena Morrow


    Rowena Morrow

    Rowena has a well-rounded understanding of how people and organisations operate in the face of disruption. With a background in foresight, innovation and capacity building in the for-profit, not-for-profit, educational and government sectors in Australia and internationally, Rowena enjoys environments that are ambiguous and complex. She has held senior roles in transformation, innovation, customer experience, product development, market planning, and strategy. Rowena works with organisations to create a new future state based on innovation and foresight, through developing people with the ability to think robustly about the future and how they might respond to disruption.
  • Dr Joseph  Voros


    Dr Joseph Voros

    Dr Joseph Voros has been a professional futurist for two decades, following an earlier PhD in theoretical physics and some time working in Internet-related companies, including a stint at the legendary Netscape Communications Corporation of Silicon Valley in the 1990s. He has been teaching foresight since 2001 and developed a multi award-winning foresight process framework for designing and directing multi-scale foresight engagements and futures assessments. His approach to futures thinking and foresight combines both academic scholarly rigour as well as practical pragmatic utility in the real world – each of which are necessary in order to do good well-founded work in charting our individual and collective pathways through complex and uncertain times.

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Director at Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Deb Ganderton

Director at Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

"Foresight thinking gives you the tools to make sense of what you are seeing on the horizon. It allows you to explore possible futures (scenarios) in a safe and constructive way and, perhaps more importantly, to contribute this thinking at the executive table. Joe, Peter and Rowena are exemplary practitioners and understand how to teach this stuff. Invest in yourself, you will be a clearer thinker, a more humble human being and a better influencer in your profession and your community. Life changing really!"
Founding Partner at Centre for Australian Foresight

Josh Floyd

Founding Partner at Centre for Australian Foresight

"Peter, Joe and Rowena care very deeply about the quality of the learning environments that they create. The are very good at bringing opportunities to life for seeing apparently familiar situations in genuinely new--and more importantly, useful--ways. Part of this is through really thorough and thoughtful design. But I think more importantly, each of them brings an uncommon degree of presence to their work. They turn up very openly, as whole people, and that seems to help the people they're working with break through the self- and institutionally-imposed limits that often make complex dilemmas so intractable. It also makes dealing with what are often very serious subjects far more fun!"
Director at Foresight Lane

Kieran Murrihy

Director at Foresight Lane

"Rowena, Peter and Joe are leaders in the futures field and experts in working with complexity. Importantly, they also have the ability to help people and organisations design actions and experiments that move them towards their best hopes for the future. It's clear to me that their partnership will deliver super value to people and organisations fortunate enough to work with them."
Director at Action Foresight

Gareth Priday

Director at Action Foresight

“Beyond knowledge there is wisdom - Peter, Rowena and Joe impart both with great skill and finesse. They bring insightful approaches, grounded in practice from a theoretical base, that allow you to see complex challenges with fresh eyes, and approach them with new ways. If there’s an opportunity to learn from them, you should take it!”
Foresight Practitioner at Young Futures

Gretchen Young

Foresight Practitioner at Young Futures

"As individuals, Joe, Rowena, and Peter each bring a rare combination of head and heart to everything they do. As a team, the learning experience they offer is a unique gift that will be embraced by anyone motivated to appreciate ‘what is’ with new eyes and imagine ‘what could be’ with a greater sense of possibility. Most importantly, as you develop your skills in foresight practice, you will be supported to develop your capacity to proactively take on the challenges of responding to and facilitating change in a complex world."


  • What is the FutureShift Program about?

    The purpose of our Program is to support clever people doing good work in complex times. We achieve this by focussing on developing the capacity of participants to think broadly and deeply about business and world challenges; to feel comfortable and confident with ambiguity, uncertainty and volatility; and to hold more complexity while acting with purpose.

  • Sounds interesting. Who are the people I will be working with?

    Your Hosts are the three principal educators who taught the globally acclaimed Master of Strategic Foresight, the only such Masters course in Australia. Dr Joseph Voros, Dr Peter Hayward and Rowena Morrow combine their 40 years of experience to design and deliver this remarkable Program.

  • Okay. How will the Program be run?

    The FutureShift Program runs for six months. After registration and payment, you will receive early access to all the Program materials. You are expected to listen to and read all materials before coming to the room for the five-day Intensive. The Intensive runs Tuesday-Saturday, where you will begin to work through the processes of thinking, co-creating and innovating. After the Intensive you will receive five months of online coaching support as you design and create your preferred futures.

  • What's the cost?

    The cost of the Program is $10,000*, which includes early access to the online materials Collection, the five-day Intensive and five months of support following completion. *COST: $10,000 for payments made by 31 July 2019; $12,000 for payments made after 31 July 2019.

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